Famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) It was held on Sunday at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, UK (indian restaurant) He had a party with his friends. It is learned that he has paid around Rs 48 lakh for this party. Along with champagne and cocktails, he tasted chicken tikka masala and roasted king prawns. Special friend and musician Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck) And Johnny had a party with 20 other girlfriends. He had booked the entire space at the Varanasi restaurant in the UK for that time. Johnny recently won a defamation suit against his ex-wife. The court ordered Amber Heard to pay Johnny 15 15 million, or about Rs 116 crore. It is understood that after this big victory, he had a war party.

What did Johnny Depp eat at an Indian restaurant?

At the 20,000 square foot Varanasi restaurant, Johnny and his friends tasted shish kebab, chicken tikka, king prawns roast, vegetable samosa, lamb curry, chicken tikka masala, raspberry cheesecake, panna kota. A total of 22 people attended the party, restaurant owner Mohammad Hussain told the Times of India. Drinks such as champagne, cocktails and red wine were also served. Bollywood songs were played in the restaurant this time. Hussein said that Johnny paid a large sum of money to the waiters as a tip.

Some photos and videos from Varanasi Restaurant have been shared on Instagram. Johnny also posed for photos with the staff at the restaurant. He also narrated the famous dialogues of his film for the children there. ‘Currently the most talked about artist in the world recently visited our restaurant. Johnny Depp is a very humble artist ‘, the caption was given to these photos.