Amber's team showed a message of Johnny being affectionate to her.

▪︎The judge scolded Amber Heard's team again: "Make sure you bring the properly written evidence, it's not my job to remember that in the middle of the trial."

▪︎An image of Johnny Depp apologizing to Amber Heard was shown, they had an argument and he wished her well with her meeting with Clive Barker.

▪︎Johnny Depp in letter says: "I went too far. I'm going to work hard with the psychiatrist. I'm a damn savage." (Photo attached)

Amber Heard claims that because Johnny Depp says that, it means proof of abuse! According to her, his referring to himself as savage was based on domestic abuse he practiced.

▪︎Amber Heard blames Johnny Depp for her verbal abuse:

"I had a visible bruise. In December 2014, I was resisting. Reacting. I yelled at him. I yelled at him. I called him names. We both got into this pattern."

▪︎Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp was jealous of Clive Barker with her, Clive is openly gay! Amber is insinuating that Johnny hit her out of jealousy of a gay man...

▪︎Amber Heard says, "I ended up barricading the door so he wouldn't hit me."

In audio shown in court, Johnny Depp is the one who barricades the door to avoid being hit by Amber and then she kicks the door in his head.

▪︎Heard quoted Eddie Redmayne and said that Johnny felt jealous of the actor when they both acted in "The Danish Girl".

▪︎Amber Heard doesn't really know what she's talking about: “He took 8 or 9 MDMA (ecstasy) pills.