Amber Heard claimed that her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s reputation was damaged by the restraining order she obtained against him in 2016 and not the op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post.

Hence, in the motion filed by the Aquaman actor after losing the libel case against The Rum Diary star, Heard mentioned that Depp is not “entitled” to the $15 million damages awarded to him by the court.

"Mr. Depp testified that the damage to his reputation was when Ms. Heard obtained the DVTRO [domestic violence temporary restraining order] on May 27, 2016 — for which he cannot be compensated," the motion, obtained by Radar, read.

The documents further read that Depp acknowledged during the bombshell trial that the restraining order and the media attention it brought caused him to lose “everything.”

"Mr. Depp admitted that these articles were not because of Ms. Heard's Op-Ed (they could not have been), but rather, 'all started with Mr. Heard going to — going directly to a court to get a TRO,'" Heard’s lawyer stated.

The 36-year-old actor’s legal team also pointed out that Depp said the DVTRO "was the sort of [the] beginning of the ball rolling down the hill and gaining momentum."