A former interview where Camille Vasquez was asked about her feelings towards Johnny Depp has resurfaced on social media and the internet is in fits.

This interview resurfaced after a video of Camille, Ben Chew, and other pals were released to the media, and it featured her beaming smile, that ‘shone’ at the sight of Johnny Depp’s return from Prague.

The initial interview was conducted with The Fat and the Skinny program.

During the program, she first touched on her silence over the matter, at first, and admitted that that was due to the rules of the court.

Vasquez was quoted saying, “I couldn’t answer, the court instructed us that we couldn’t give interviews or say anything in court, so I couldn’t.”

However, she never shied away from showing affection to her pal in public, before and after the trial.

So much so that she addressed her intentions behind it all, especially in light of the romantic rumors.

She admitted, “Yes, of course (I hugged him),” more so because “he is my friend, but first he is my client, and he was going through something very difficult and I love my clients very much.”

Before concluding she also touched a bit on her personal heritage and added, “I am Hispanic, I like to hug and touch people… kisses do not, but I do give him a hug because he needed it.”