The character of Eddie in season 4 of the hit Netflix series has a ‘brotherly’ connection to Johnny Depp.

Damien Echols is the man of the hour, credited with inspiring the entire character arch.

After having spent 18 years in prison for the murder of three 8-year-olds, he was finally released from prison after playing the Alford plea.

The case called The West Memphis Three details the harrowing murder of three young pre-teens, that occurred within the woods and was pinned on three boys, with ‘alternative lifestyles.

One of them, self-proclaimed Wicca, Damien Echols, 18, was awarded eth death sentence while others, Jessie Misskelley Jr., 17, and Jason Baldwin, 16, were given life without parole.

Johnny Depp’s Relationship with Damien Echols:

Johnny Depp was one of few Hollywood celebrities at the time who believed in the boys’ innocence and worked to have their case retried.

Depp even spoke publically about the ‘injustice’ against the three boys and admitted that it's not something he could ‘ever accept’.

He was also ‘advised’ not to become involved, over fears that it might negatively impact his career, but Depp refused to ‘sit back’.

Check it out below:

Even Echols recalls how, while Depp “didn't just support [them] in prison,” he stood by them “every single step of the way.”

In a past interview with E! News Echols explained, “We did the book signing the other night in New York, and he was there for that, you know?”

“Obviously, this isn't helping his career in any way. This is something he is doing entirely to help me.”

Due to this, “We've grown to love him dearly. He's become like a brother to me.”

How Stranger Things Eddie Ties In?

The teens in 1993 were charged with a crime after the elements of Satanic Panic were found and linked at the crime scene.

The boys’ interest in the 1990s was what got them caught up in the investigation in the first place and ended up ‘guilty’ because the court used that argument as a majorly circumstantial element to charge them.