Just when we thought this whole trial drama was over, new information coming from Amber Heard's legal team may put a new twist to it all. She is demanding another trial against Johnny Depp and she has compelling new evidenceto support her demands. According to evidence provided by Heard's lawyers, the summons for jury were sent across Virginia on April, 2022. 

One of the households that received the summon had two people who bear the same name. One of them is 77-years-old and the other one is 52. Out of the two summoned individuals, the older one was the one who got the summon yet the 52-year-old was the one who attended the trial. This proves there was foul play from the very start of the trial. The folks at Deadline Hollywood were the first to report this. 

Amber Heard demands a new trial. 

Given the severity of the evidence, there was no way that Amber Heard's team wasn't going to send all the information with the hopes a new trial could be scheduled. If this happens, we will be glued to out screens for another six weeks. This is a statement from Heard's legal team: "Ms. Heard had a right to rely on the basic protection, as prescribed by the Virginia Code, that the jurors in this trial would be individuals who were actually summoned for jury duty. 

"In this case, it appears that Juror No. 15 was not, in fact, the same individual as listed on the jury panel. Ms. Heard's due process was therefore compromised. Under these circumstances, a mistrial should be declared, and a new trial ordered."

As of right now, neither Amber Heard nor Johnny Depp's representatives have commented on the possible new trial that will take place. What happened is considered a federal crime, posing as a different person inside a jury. Further investigation of this case needs to take place and the findings will offer the Fairfax Courthouse more clarity in order tomove forward. 

If there is further foul play afoot, Johnny Depp could not only repeat the whole trial but he might end up losing it as well. It appears he won't get rid of Amber Heard as easily as he previously thought.