After losing the lawsuit against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp fans accidentally spotted Amber Heard shopping for discounted clothes!

On June 1, the lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ended. Accordingly, the blonde actress lost the case against her ex-husband and will have to pay Johnny Depp 15 million USD.

However, the court also considered Amber Heard’s injuries in the case and recommended Johnny Depp’s side to compensate his ex-wife 2 million USD. The actress and legal team were in court to hear the verdict.

When she learned that Johnny Depp won, Amber Heard couldn’t hide her disappointment, constantly shaking her head, sadly looking at the lawyer. After the jury’s verdict, she said, this trial is a step backwards for women.

The 36-year-old actress said: “I’m very sad that I lost the lawsuit. But what makes me sadder is that I seem to have lost my right to speak freely and openly as an American citizen.” .

“I can’t express in words how disappointed I am after hearing the verdict. I am heartbroken that all my evidence is not strong enough to resist Depp’s power and influence,” Amber Heard added. .

In the lawsuit, Johnny Depp demanded $ 50 million from Amber Heard and the court ruled that he received $ 15 million from his ex-wife. Outside the courthouse, contrary to Amber Heard’s sadness, disappointment was long lines of people, cheering to celebrate Johnny Depp’s victory. They brought flowers, banners and words expressing their love and support for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in this legal battle.

Johnny Depp’s legal team hugged each other when they heard the court’s verdict. Outside the court, they stood surrounded by fans and media.

Once the actor with the most beautiful face in the world

Amber Heard is fully capable of becoming a “rising star” after playing Princess Mera in Aquaman, but her career has gone downhill due to controversy with her ex-husband. Even the image of the actress in the public eye is becoming worse and worse because of the expressions and actions that are said to be “deeply played” in court.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s “explosive” back and forth phases also made the couple’s beautiful image go down. No longer the beauty with the most beautiful face in the world, Amber Heard is now remembered for her scandalous image with exposed lies. Because of that, the public no longer wants to see the actress on the screen. As of June 1, nearly 4.5 million people have signed a petition to remove Amber Heard from part 2 of Aquaman.

In danger of bankruptcy before huge compensation

According to the Daily Mail, after losing the lawsuit, Amber Heard had to pay Johnny Depp 10 million USD (more than 232 billion VND) in damages and 5 million USD (more than 116 billion VND) in punitive damages. However, according to regulations in the state of Virginia (USA), the punitive compensation fee is limited to 350,000 USD (more than 8.12 billion VND), so in total, Amber will have to pay 10.35 million USD (more than 240 USD). billions dong).

Worth mentioning, not only Amber but Depp also had to compensate. The jury ordered him to pay his ex-wife 2 million USD (more than 46.4 billion VND) because the court found that the actress was also affected by this lawsuit.