Dakota Johnson finally reacts to viral Johnny Depp video

Dakota Johnson recently reacted to an old video clip of her and Johnny Depp that set the internet on fire after the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s defamation trial against Amber Heard gained media attention last month.

According to Insider report, the Fifty Shades of Gray star told Vanity Fair about the video that went viral during the trial.

“I was like, 'For the love of God, why? Why am I involved in this?’” she remarked.

The actress continued, “I don’t remember that at all, but please, take me out of this. Don’t let this go further. Can you imagine, oh, my God, if I was called to the witness stand?”

Dakota also confessed that she could not believe people were actually watching this trial like “it’s a show”.

“It's like it's a courtroom drama and my heart breaks. It's so, so, so crazy. Humans are so weird. The internet is a wild, wild place,” she noted.

Dakota also discussed about cancel culture and admitted that she would never say “things publicly because of the risk to my career”.

“What I struggle with in terms of cancel culture is the term cancel culture; the whole concept behind cancelling a human being, like they're an appointment. No person will not make mistakes in their life. The point of being alive is figuring it out," she explained.

Meanwhile, the video that garnered 4.1 million views was titled The EXACT moment Dakota Johnson KNEW Amber Heard was VIOLENT towards Johnny Depp. The clip showed the actress in 2015 reacting to Depp's bandaged middle finger.