So when mr death finally decided to fight to clear his name by filing this lawsuit johnny depp may appeal the uk court laws following the u.s verdict in 2020 hollywood actor johnny depp lost a uk libel lawsuit against the sun newspaper but on wednesday he won a similar lawsuit against his ex-wife amber hurd in a u.s courtroom now many legal experts believe that depp should appeal the uk court case in light of what has transpired in the u.s case as he stands a greater chance of winning it now than he did before given the mountain of new evidence and witness testimonies that were not available at the time of the 2020 trial but is this realistic let's find out in this video a uk barrister by the alias of mr black belt barrister has recently uploaded a video on youtube calling upon people to help reopen the uk appeal in the johnny depp case in the four minute long video the barrister provides ample justifications for johnny's case and his appeal they have also urged people to sign the petition to get the case re-examined on the website the video received more than 75 000 views and caused people to raise the issue on social media a reddit user made a post that read johnny fans we need your help a uk barrister is trying to get the uk trial looked at on appeal please sign the post received many replies from people having all sorts of opinions on the matter one redditor commented the uk judge made some very questionable and hard to justify judgments numerous pieces of evidence undermining amber hurt's credibility were ignored and the judge also disregarded audio evidence in favor of her written witness testimony really really embarrassing for the uk justice system many shared in this sentiment another followed they caused depp years of his life possibly 100 plus million in lost income work contracts legal fees irreputable damage to his reputation ruin relationships with his friends and family if depp can successfully get this ruling appealed we could be looking at one of the biggest legal payouts in history by a media giant and he would deserve every penny the users in the comments were adamant that the decision should be appealed and johnny stands a good chance at winning that case as well a user said it definitely should be appealed again the judge based his verdict largely upon the fact that ah had donated her divorce money to charity now it has turned out that she has kept the money for herself and has lied under oath essentially the judge has based his verdict upon lies back in 2021 johnny depp was refused permission to appeal against a high court ruling that he assaulted his ex-wife amber heard in 2020 the u.s actor lost his libel case against the publisher of the sun over an article that labeled him a wife-beater mr depp asked the court of appeal for permission to challenge the ruling but a judge refused his application and said his appeal had no real prospect of success the sun's article published in april of 2018 was the focus of a three-week trial in july last year the 57 year old sued news group newspapers the publisher of the sun over the accusation that he was violent towards misheard but the newspaper maintained its article was accurate the hollywood star's libel claim was dismissed by mr justice nichol who found the sun's accusation to be substantially true and ruled in the publisher's favor the judge found mr depp 57 had assaulted miss heard 34 on a dozen of occasions and put her in fear for her life three times but we now know this was false days after the ruling was announced mr depp announced he had been asked by warner brothers to resign from his role in the harry potter spin-off franchise fantastic beasts the u.s actor asked the court of appeal to grant permission for him to challenge the high court's ruling with the aim of having its findings overturned and a re-trial ordered at a hearing a week after this mr depp's lawyers asked the court to consider fresh evidence relating to what they said was ms heard's claim that she gave her 7 million divorce settlement to charity mr depp's barrister andrew kaladaat qc told the court that the claim was a calculated and manipulative lie after the couple divorced in 2016 ms heard said she would split the 7 million between the children's hospital los angeles and the american civil liberties union but mr caldecott said that the hospital wrote to mr depp's business advisor in 2019 to say ms heard had not made any payments the court heard 100 000 was donated to the hospital and 450 000 to the aclu but ms heard claims she made a further 500 000 donation to the second charity anonymously we also know now in light of new evidence presented by an aclu representative in the 2022 case that amber did not fulfill her pledge at all miss herd's legal team has previously said amber has already been responsible for seven figures and donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfill her pledge but anna will ansky qc representing the sun's publisher news group newspapers said the new evidence mr depp wanted to rely on would not have any impact on the result of the libel trial ultimately the court refused permission for mr depp to appeal speaking at the royal courts of justice in london lord justice underhill said we refuse mr depp's application to admit further evidence in support of his proposed appeal and we conclude that the appeal has no real prospect of success and that there's no other compelling reason for it to be heard we accordingly refuse permission to appeal but what has made legal experts and people believe that depp stands a chance this time at the time of the uk case victory hurts lawyers in the u.s elaine charleston bredhoff said the ruling was no surprise very soon we'll be presenting even more voluminous evidence in the u.s she said brett hoff may well be surprised now last wednesday herd's evidence was roundly rejected by a jury in virginia despite it being assumed by many including legal experts that deb had a weaker chance of victory the perceived wisdom is that it's much easier to win a defamation case in the uk than in the us where the enshrinement of free speech in the first amendment of the constitution is a sacrosanct so what happened in this case to reverse the expected result mark stevens an international media lawyer said the fact that the u.s case was heard before a jury while the uk trial was heard before a judge was significant because the u.s trial was before a jury it allowed depp's lawyers to focus on hurd a well-worn tactic of defendants in domestic abuse cases but one that was dismissed by the judge in the uk stephen said heard's team also made tactical mistakes and was outdone by a more experienced set of lawyers stevens added herd's team were not predominantly trained libel lawyers and they were outgunned at every corner they were up against a very strong team for depp he said they deny that they their client did anything they deny that they're the real perpetrator and they attacked the credibility of the individual calling out the abuse and then reversed the roles of the victim and the offender there were also claims that the use of darvo tactics when the alleged offender denies the behavior attacks the accuser and reverses the role of victim and offender was not confined to the courts darvo refers to the reaction that alleged perpetrators of wrongdoing particularly sexual offenders may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior she said this occurs for instance when an actual guilty perpetrator assumes the role of falsely accused and attacks the accuser credibility and blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation what we have witnessed in the us over this case has been an overwhelmingly case for deaf on social media it's like an anti-herd campaign and there's been a lot of darvo on tick tock the hashtag justiceforjohnnydepp received 20 billion views jurors were instructed not to read about the case online but they were not sequestered and they were allowed to keep their phones this may have also played a major role in view of all this it's fair to say that depp has grounds for an appeal and it's also possible that he may be granted another chance at the uk trial that he previously lost whether that happens or not only time will tell so what are your thoughts on johnny's chances at an appeal do share your thoughts in the comments below.