What Is Canva & How to use Canva to create any design
What Is Canva & How to use Canva to create any design

How to use Canva to create any design

Canva is one of the most useful programs or software for any design, whatever you want to do, even if you have never encountered such a program. It is multi-device, allows you to use it from any device, and you can use it for free without any problems. We’ll explain everything you need to know about Canva, or why it’s one of the sites you should always have on hand, full of utilities, tools, and options.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Canv is free to use, but you need to create a user account that allows us to access all the resources, templates, plans, and features of the app.

What is a Canva?

Canva is a graphic design website born almost ten years ago that allows us to access free online tools to create any design for both professional and personal use. From your business card or company account to the history of your vacation, you can upload it to Instagram. Beneficial for everyone: from professional designers who will be able to take advantage of online tools on any platform, to those who have never designed, thanks to the fact that it provides access to thousands of templates that are ready to be downloaded and used . , upload to the Internet, print, convert, etc.

Price and plans

Canva is a free tool, but you have payment plans if you want more or fewer options. With free and free use, you can access more than 250,000 templates or design types. We only find a problem with some stickers, letters, or models that aren’t available if you don’t pay for them. However, you can use it for free and with everything you need to get started, real-time collaboration, use it in the app or browser, or with 5GB of cloud storage where you can save different plans.

Whether you want to pay depends on the schemes you use and whether you pay monthly or annually. The price of a Canva Pro account is € 11.99 per month with a monthly bill or € 109.99 per year with an annual bill. It allows you to have all kinds of tools and unlock everything you don’t allow for free: over 75 million photos and over 400,000 different templates, among other tools.

Usage and applications

Canva works through your browser and just log in to your account from your website. But it has a Windows desktop app as well as apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can use it from your preferred operating system, whether you paid for it or not. In other words, you don’t need a premium account to use the browser or Android version, just create a free account from which you can access it.

Canva for teachers and students

Canva also has a plan for students. It is 100% free for students and teachers from kindergarten to primary school, as described on their website. You can contact the service if you are a school administrator and want to know more. In addition, there are tutorial templates designed for these audiences, as well as free special details for teachers.

The benefits of the tool for teachers include:

  • premium pictures
  • Premium fonts, elements, videos and animations
  • Remove backgrounds with a single click
  • Upload school logos or fonts


The great advantage of Canva is that it allows you to use ready-made templates, so you don’t have to know about the design and you don’t need any special programs to make them from scratch. There are templates for just about anything you want. More than 250,000 free templates are ready to edit your text or image.

We can find templates for virtually anything and use only the search engine. For example, you can use the "weekly meal planner" search engine and a ready-made design will appear, in which you only have to change the text every day, or you have to change the tasks to do it ... they fit the size perfectly so we don’t have to do it by hand. That is, the size of the Instagram post fits perfectly with the social network, as does the size of the Instagram Stories, the Facebook header, and so on.


Make plans in the Canvas

Canva allows you to choose a template or blank design in any shape, size or size you want. Once on the main screen, it’s like an empty plate where we put the ingredients in until we get the end result. In the left bar we will see what we can add to this "plate": photos, audio, moving stickers, videos, text.

We just have to choose what we want, pull and modify it. You can change the color, size, and position of the items. We can choose from thousands of sources or use our own. We'll explain it to you.